Veronica Dougherty

New York City

“I knew about Big Reuse and I always had a work-crush on it. I really wanted to work here. I had worked for other nonprofits, and then I heard about an opening. At first it was just part time, but then they expanded the position. Now I'm the fiscal director, so basically my role is looking for change in the couch cushions. Honestly. We don't receive grants, we don't receive any support. We're self-funded through the sales of the repurposed materials.

My favorite part about working here is my co-workers. What I love about them is that they're all kind of like-minded, service-oriented, radical freaks. They're a really strong motivator. And also I'm just motivated to do the best job that I can while I'm here at this place. I always would like to do a better job all the time. I want to do a better job this year than I did last year, and I want to do an even better job next year.”

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