John Force


“My mother was a cook at Denny's, my dad was a logger in the north, and we lived here in Seattle for a while. So I grew up around trucks, and that's what I went into out of high school. I was racing cars in high school, not professionally, but my local hot rod on the weekends. In 1974 I got an opportunity to go to Australia and race down under. I went down there for four months, and that's kind of where I really learned the professional trade.

I like the comradery of a team. It's like a football team in school, a bunch of young guys together and they keep me young. I love the competition, love winning, and losing is a big part of it - I've been doing a lot of that lately. But then there's the cheer of the crowd, the fans screaming and yelling, signing autographs all day, and I get to race with a bunch of young guys like Matt Hagan. I just love being on the road.”

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