Chris Fox

New York City

“I moved to New York from St. Louis in the fall of 2003. I've worked in deconstruction at Big Reuse for four or five years. When people donate stuff, sometimes they just drop it off, sometimes we go pick it up, and sometimes we have to actually go and get it out of wherever it is. My job is to go there, look at the item, and figure out how to get it out without hurting anybody, damaging the building, or damaging the material. And then put it on the truck.

I had some very good bosses in the past. I did some construction work and I worked for this upholsterer who was a very serious guy. They both had real strong opinions about work ethic, and so I just try to keep their voices in my head.

My relaxation strategy is slacklining. It's like tight rope walking. You set it up between some trees or wherever and you walk around on it. It's peaceful, meditative, and it's good for hard work because balance strengthens your core muscles and improves your stability.”

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