Matt Hagan


“My first job was working in my old man's pawn shop. He had a pawn shop for a while, so he put me back there cleaning diamonds and jewelry, and stuff like that. I guess he thought I wasn't going to jack all that stuff. So he had me back there kind of scrubbing jewelry and putting stuff out. Awful, awful job, but it paid the bills, gave me a little gas money. And I realized pretty quickly I didn't want to scrub jewelry for the rest of my life so, I decided to go into racing.

My favorite thing about racing is going fast. I mean, obviously it's an adrenaline rush, getting your heart beating. The first time I ever stood on a fuel pedal I was breathing so hard I fogged up the visor and couldn't see. There's no replacement for it. Basically, you name it, I've done it. As far as monster trucks, skydiving, drag boats, circle track cars - there's no replacement for a fuel funny car.”

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