Anthony Le


“Seattle is experiencing a lot of growth right now, the economy is boosting up, and so I came here to find a new life. I started out as a flight attendant, but I felt like that job wasn't for me. I've been working for Food Services of America for 17 years and I really like it. I enjoy driving the forklift, but my favorite thing about this job is the food. Between receiving, shipping and picking, you can't imagine how much food is in our warehouse.

Outside of work I'm involved in a lot of fundraising for leukemia and United Way. I'm also a big fan of Disneyland, and I travel to their parks all over the world. Right now I only have three left to go: Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai. I'm going to Paris this October. Tokyo Disney Resort is my favorite so far. What's cool about that place is you see people of all different races and nationalities. It's amazing.”

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