Sue Musser


“I drove a school bus for eight years, and my husband suggested, since he was a truck driver, that perhaps the pay would be a little better in construction. At that point our kids were grown and out of school, so I went to truck driving school here locally. About a year after that I was hired by Miles Sand & Gravel.

I've been here for just a little over eight years, and I drive the belly dumps. We mostly go into the pits, grab the material and bring it to our places that make concrete and blacktop. For me, the biggest challenge was learning the trucks. I didn't know anything about diesel mechanics, so every pre-trip, post-trip and mistake made taught me a lot about how the motors work.

It used to be a ‘man's world.’ I think there is still some of that, maybe, but I think that more and more, women are starting to drive and I think that the trucking industry, especially this type of industry, is really good because you're home every day and you're in your own local area so you know the roads.”

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