Robyn Rollison


“I tried working for the family business when I was 18 and it was hard for me. But, I came back a few years ago and I liked it. The money is good and the company's been good to us. Now, I'm working towards going to school and becoming a nurse. So, that's a big motivator for me.

There isn't a typical day on this job. You never know what could happen. If something comes in then you have to fix it, or a pipe may have been pulled out. You also get to learn how your house's water system works. For example, if things back up, you know what could cause that. You learn a lot more when you do it hands-on, rather than just hearing about it.

Last year, in the Southside, I started to see how everything works and why we do what we do. I felt like I was finally understanding the job. That was the first time I thought ‘Yep, I like this job now.’”

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