The Des Moines Hardest Working Cities award in front of the Iowa State Capitol.

The Des Moines Hardest Working Cities award in front of the Iowa State Capitol.

DES MOINES (May 8, 2017) — Des Moines is filled with hard-working citizens who are committed to growth. The finance, insurance, and publishing industries are thriving in Des Moines, but the city also has a large trucking and construction presence. In addition, Des Moines offers its residents affordable housing and short commutes.

After an exhaustive review of more than 400 metropolitan census areas, Des Moines was selected to receive this award for being a North American leader in employment, particularly in heavy and tractor trailer truck drivers and light truck and delivery and for being a top city for average hours worked, construction employment, growth in total employment rate, and contribution to GDP.

Surprise Jobsite Visits

We started our celebration early Monday morning along with the Harrison Truck Centers team to meet with workers at three different jobsites around Des Moines. The first site was at Keystone Trucking, which offers dump truck service for sand, gravel and dirt to be used for construction service.

Workers at Keystone Trucks enjoy their breakfast as the sun rises. Workers take a break in their garage for breakfast and Hardest Working Cities swag.

Our next stop was with workers at Johnsrud Transport, Inc., a recognized leader in the transport of bulk liquids for the food industry.

Our last stop was with workers at Ankeny Sanitation Inc. (ASI). ASI provides waste management services to residents, businesses, contractors and municipal customers throughout the greater Des Moines/Ankeny metro area and surrounding communities.

At each stop, we brought Hardest Working Cities safety vests, koozies, hats, and free food to keep these hard workers fueled for the day.

We put together a spread from Smokey D’s BBQ - a local favorite. Mayor Frank Cownie accepts the Des Moines Hardest Working Cities award.


We headed to APWA’s 2017 Snow Conference in downtown Des Moines to host the Hardest Working Cities award presentation.

The event began with remarks from Freightliner’s vocational marketing communications manager, Allan Haggai, about the Hardest Working Cities program and why Des Moines was selected to receive the award.

Mayor Frank Cownie also made a speech to thank workers in the area and talked about the importance of hard work and what it has accomplished for the area of Des Moines.

Mayor Frank Cownie and Office of Public Works staff show off their Hardest Working Cities gear at the APWA 2017 Snow Conference.

We were honored to celebrate the Des Moines area and, more importantly, take a moment to honor the men and women who do the jobs that help make places like this thrive.

Congratulations, Des Moines. Take a bow, then get back to work.

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